NKBT: Your Smile, Our Responsibility

Nirmala Kruti Bikash Trust

A smile costs nothing but gives much. Nirmala Kruti Bikash Trust (NKBT) follows these lines by giving priceless smile in everybody’s face. The main aim of this organization is to give smile to the children who are suffering from clefts. Planting smiles is a small wing in this organization to give smile to the children. Nirmala Kruti Bikash Trust (NKBT) wants to see the children happy who are born with cleft lips and palates. We want to make those children happy and breath, eat, speak properly.

This is a multifactorial and genetic predisposition issue. Infections and lack of vitamin B are the causes of cleft. Till now the scientists are finding the actual reason behind this. This affects the lip or the roof of the mouth. Above these difficulties today the surgery of cleft is very simple and the transformation is immediate. Children with untreated clefts face many difficulties like eating, breathing, and speaking.

Nirmala Kruti Bikash Trust aims to give smile on their faces for the first time by doing surgery in no cost. When we see the parents cry tears of joy that moment is precious for us. Their lives, communication style are changed forever. This trust will bear all the operation cost of the patients. The trust also provides the total expenses of those families travelling from long distances. This includes covering the per day income of earning members of the family who remain absent from their jobs for the operation. Our sole aim is to give smile to those children who are willing to smile but they can’t due to financial crises.

Trust has on its roll 8 Specialist doctors, 5 medical officers, 45 paramedical staff, 10 visiting consultants including super specialists. Our volunteers include health counselors, camp executives, patient’s motivators who work in liaison with Anganbadi workers, Asha worker, Sarba Siksha Abhiyan, RBSK in identifying intending beneficiaries. We channelize the charitable attitudes of several medical personnel by inviting them to provide their medical expertise in our health programs.

The trust has successfully provide surgical help to more than 4000 children from all over Odisha and from our neighbor states West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and even patients from Bangladesh and Nepal border. This includes 691 surgeries that were conducted in Balasore, Bhubaneswar, Lanjigarh and other tribal Districts of Odisha.

Planting smile aim to eradicate facial deformities of cleft children in order to bring them into main stream. As the result hard working of our team members and with the support of our donors, planting smile has transformed the lives of many children by giving them the power of smile.

For more details Planting Smiles just move on www.nkbt.org.in

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